About Us

Sunshine Sauce are a specialty hot sauce range developed and produced by husband & wife chef team Graham & Sarah Waddell. We are based in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia, and our passion is solely focused on sourcing local ingredients of the freshest quality to develop our delicious range of hot sauces packed full of heat and flavour.

Having both always been hot sauce lovers, the idea to produce our own range came to us when we co-owned a Californian style eatery in New Farm, Brisbane called St Baxter. There, we first developed our signature sauce “The OG” as an addition to the St Baxter Chicken Wings, and we instantly knew that we had created magic. After selling the business, we pursued our dream of relocating to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast with our young family, and we established our hot sauce company aptly named Sunshine Sauce.

We feel that our hot sauce range has a huge point of difference to other hot sauces in the current market, as we mainly like to focus on flavour as well as heat. We’re not really interested in making sauces that will blow your head off with extreme heat, after all you could just eat a Carolina Reaper if that’s your jam; our main focal point is balancing out the natural flavours of the chillies whilst highlighting other ingredients to complement them to produce a deliciously tasty addition to your meal. We have combined our vast experience as chefs of a variety of restaurants & cuisines all over the world to develop this awesome range that’ll be sure to tantalise your tastebuds.