Looking for the best hot sauce in Alexandra Headland?

Created and produced in Noosa Heads on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland Sunshine Sauces is the authentic hot sauce, available in Alexandra Headland.

Spice up your day with Sunshine Sauce Hot Sauces! With different levels of heat, ranging from mild to very hot, and brimming with flavour, there’s sure to be a sauce to suit your palate.  No preservatives, additives or nasties, just real food.

Our hot sauces, delivered to your door at Alexandra Headland.

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You’re a chili fan? You’re going to love the great range of hot sauces from Sunshine Sauce.

Our focus is on sourcing local ingredients of the freshest quality to develop our delicious range of hot sauces packed full of heat and flavour.

Chilli balance is our main focus. We blend chillies and other spices to highlight their natural flavour, while balancing it out with a range of other ingredients.

Sunshine Sauce are a specialty hot sauce produced in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia.

We work with farmers from the Sunshine Coast and Queensland, Australia to develop our hot sauce range, which is packed full of heat and flavour.


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